Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twas the week before Christmas......

...and all through the house
the rustling of paper was heard and not a lot else....

The sneaking and hiding all over the place,
Always puts a smile on my face,
And out in the kitchen all over the bench
baking is done by a weary wee wench,
(no photo's of this much too messy)

the tree is decorated so pretty and bright
the fairy lights twinkling a beautiful sight.

The house is festooned in garlands of green
and the room's filled with pine perfume sweet and clean...

|The stockings are hung at the ends of the beds 
and everyones resting their Christmas filled heads.

it doesn't  matter where you and travel and roam,
..there's nowhere like Christmas at home....

 The rain has gone!  the sun is OUT...the wind has GONE ...all is sunny and bright, the girls are home and lovely partner of oldest girl too...the parcels are wrapped ...we are organised I think....
so everyone have a very, very happy Christmas filled with love and laughter.




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