Friday, January 11, 2013

finished projects!

we had a lovely cabinet at the house by the sea that got infested with borer bugs!  so bad we had to get rid of it!  sob! ..however we found a new cabinet(completely different to the existing one)...but! it needed doing up...the old very dark, almost black varnish that was on it was bright purple underneath and it took some serious sanding to get back to the timber.  I was going to leave it and refinish it but the purple undertones just wouldn't be erased so it was a paint makeover instead...

 lurking beneath that varnish....purple! took 2 coats of preparation sealer before I could even think about applying top coats of paint!!!

..finally finished and in place at the crib.

Whilst in the painting mode repainted the crib  kitchen cupboards  and put on the new knobs we bought while on the Great Ocean Road Australia trip...

it always feels good to get projects completed doesn't it  !!! even if it takes a lot more work than you first anticipated!


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