Sunday, January 13, 2013

flowers and felting

We had a sunny weekend so the garden apprentice (lovely husband) and I did some box hedge has tidied up the garden a lot.

Martin Frobisher has been putting on a lovely and perfumed show further down the garden.

but it wasn't all hard work ....there was time to sit on the verandah..and admire the cool mug given to me by a lovely friend....the mug says it all!

..time to do a bit of stitching...

...time to admire pretty dragonfly bell...

...time to pick some little bunches of flowers to brighten up the house...

 Over the holidays when oldest daughter was home we did some needle felting on blankets.  Mine is floral hers is flowers and toadstools...very cute...she finished hers I still have a wee bit left to do.


I stitched some of my crocheted flowers on as well ....

and this wee card from a friend is so pretty, on the back a great quote.

We had the  loveliest news  last weekend - our eldest daughter got engaged to her lovely partner!!

 Have a happy week..


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