Tuesday, January 29, 2013

childhood memories

A few weeks ago I came across a quote..that I can't find now..that went something like this  "The memories of childhood never leave us" , and that's so true, they shape us into the adults we grow into and with us we carry lots of precious memories.

A family friend sent me a photo that makes me smile everytime I look at it..I think it epitomises that whole feeling of childhood happiness.

Our mothers met in the maternity hospital having me and her son, and then they went on to have 2 other babies at about the same time so we had  lots of fun times together as families.
left to right, my friend, my sister the little boy the same age as her, my baby brother and his wee friend and last on the right me!

We had had a wonderful day...we were camping in Central Otago where there were big poplar trees from which floating down were large balls of fluff..seeds I suppose, we had so much fun with it...just simple stuff !

My friend on the left had a collection of hard back Famous Five books ...of which i have to admit being slightly envious...all those beautiful dust covers..I had the paper back editions...a few years ago some Enid Blyton famous Five books came up for sale and now I have some "hard backs too"!!

 ...and yes a few more Enid books as well...

these books transported me to wonderful places and together we had such exciting adventures!!

another favourite was Pip  it was such an informative fun way to learn about nature ...

Another of my very favourite books....read and reread and still read it sometimes ...

I still feel that same thrill that Mary had of green shoots appearing in the spring and just the wonderful magic of green things growing...

beautifully illustrated .

The Little House on the Prairie series has to be up there amongst the favourites  too...the simple but hard lives they led, but how happy they were with very little.

my very tatty much loved teddy on the left carries lots of secrets...my husbands teddy is in much better condition!!!

I have always loved gardens, flowers and old things with a history...I remember saving my pocket money up while at High School to buy some Iron bed heads ..which we still have.
  As a very small girl I loved to go to
 the local church fair and  while my sister and brother raced off to the lolly stall I headed straight to the white elephant table!
I was probably about 6 when I  bought this little plaster statue-I think it was about sixpence ....it took so long to carry it home and it seemed very heavy....

..the next year I was a lot more organised and took my cane dolls pram with me...and came home with this..


a little cottage cheese dish with just a small chip off the chimney!!!!

In my grandparents shed in the rubbish I found these lovely old leather books...they were horrified that I wanted them..and here they still are living with me....

As a teenager living on our farm
I found some violets and primroses growing wild where an old house must have been once,  so dug a few up to take home to the house...I still have primroses violets growing from those original little plants here...but whilst poking around dug up this gorgeous blue and white platter...also a green and white doulton ashette, both in perfect condition ...I think the blue and white platter may have started me on my blue and white china obsession....it was so exciting....


 More recent memorabilia, little pink shoes that both my girls wore...and hopefully oneday their little girls might skip about in them too...

" I cherish my childhood loves- the memory of that warm little nest where my affections were fledged."    (George Eliot)   

"If you carrry your childhood with you, you never become older."

(A Sutzkever)

None of my posts would be complete without some flower pics, and here is a lovely Hydrangea flower, the only one my new plant had ...but isn't it delicious!

..the Green Goddess is flowering down by the pond and just asked to be picked ...

 It was a lovely week, my darling friend from Auckland came to stay for a couple of nights...and we went on one our of fav drives for fish and chips for tea ..at Bluff...then on to Omaui where the moon was just making an appearance..perfect!

"The rustling of a wild bird's wings,
A star, a flower, a gush of rain,
The sight of sad or joyous things,
With voiceless eloquence they come,
Bright phantoms of my childhoods home."

Rosa v Jeffrey

and with those beautiful words, I wish you a happy week.


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  1. yo tengo la colección de los cinco de enid blyton y me encantan, los leo todavía de vez en cuando, muy buenos, saludos